• Generating additional revenue for local businesses and services
  • Generating additional revenue for local businesses and services from tourists
  • Upgrading and revitalizing community facilities for residents and visitors
  • Increasing protection of rural landscapes and natural environments for tourists and residents
  • Helping preserve and revitalize local traditions, art and craft
  • Promoting inter-regional, inter-cultural communication and understanding
  • Increasing awareness of tour issues and values among the public
  • Promoting the on-going use of local products and services
  • Helping to diversify and strengthen rural economy via job and income creation
  • Providing a more energetic business environment for attracting other businesses and small industries

WOWinfotech received the Start-Up award from the “AIMA (Ambad Industries & Manufacture Association)” – 2017. WOWinfotech got selected in the “Villgro Agribusiness Unconvention” for the top 15 Agricultural project in India – 2017. WOWinfotech got invited in the “Radio Vishwas” for the Start - Up Interview – 2017.

We are market-focused, process-centred organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers.We want to bring prosperity to our people by surviving customer in IT technology. We believe in the simple not the complex.Our vision is to make India as a developing nation to developed nation with digital support.